Sweet Tomato and Minnesota Moonlight

I finished a new pair of socks for myself.  Cat Bordhi created a new way to do heels and published it in her e-book Sweet Tomato Heel Socks (patterns are also available individually).  I’ve been excited to try this method but had other things to do first.  I love this heel!  It’s easy and forgiving!  I knit toe up, but it can be done either direction.  There’s very little fussing with set up, and once you figure out what you’re doing, it’s so easy!  It’s best done when the foot the sock will be on is available however, so I will likely do other methods when knitting for other people whose feet I do not have in front of me.

I also learned a new bind off that I love.  It’s stretchy, but knitted, not sewn, called Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off.

I need better pictures.  But…

Minnesota Moonlight sock

The yarn used is Regia Blitz, which is designed to be self-striping in zigzags, provided the right conditions.  I got a little zig zagging, but like the broken up effect too.


One of the great things about the book, and Cat is there are a lot of links to helpful video tutorials.  It is fantastically inspiring!

I’ll need to get better pictures, but wanted to get something up.

Another thing I’m enjoying about the e-book is that she’s releasing it in installments, so it’s a purchase that not only keeps on giving, but getting something new periodically!


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