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Special wheel

I don’t appear to have talked about my newest wheel!

It is from Seth Golding at Golding Fiber Tools, his Folding Travel Wheel.  It has all the wonderful craftsmanship of his father Tom’s full size wheel in a slightly smaller size and the ability to fold down and be taken places.  Also a slightly lighter price tag.

I had wanted a Golding wheel for a while, and decided that I needed something special to mark the 20 year anniversary of my losing my health.  Since learning to spin was something I gained from becoming disabled, a special wheel seemed like an appropriate celebration.  My husband agreed to afford a full size wheel, but then the travel wheels came out.  I had also wanted a wheel that was easier to take with to festivals and classes occasionally.  My Mazurka is light and moves around easily, but isn’t designed for travel.  So I could get two things I wanted – a Golding wheel and a wheel designed for traveling with in one package!  I ordered one of the first made.

Golding folded

folded Golding travel wheel

It came folded, and was very easy to unfold and set up.

Golding upright

Golding Travel wheel set up

The woods used are cherry and walnut.  Has a built in Kate for plying, changing ratios is very easy, with fantastic diagrams in the manual.  The ball bearings are sealed or self lubricating – no oiling, ever!  It’s double-treadle and is incredibly smooth.  The treadles are large, which is very nice.  And shows the beautiful wood used.

Golding woodgrain

treadles, Cherry wood


It’s fairly heavy, roughly 15 pounds.  This makes it heavier than my Mazurka, but also means it’s nice and sturdy for traveling.  The carving is beautiful as well.

Golding Wheel carving

carving detail

It’s a pleasure to spin on, a very special wheel indeed!




New member of the spindle family!

Thursday of last week someone mentioned on the forum I’m on for fiber tools made by Golding Fiber Tools that he had up a special edition spindle made from 2800 year old Russian Bog Oak!  I quickly snapped one up, my love of his spindles and my love of old, ancient things making it far too tempting.

Bog oak, or any bog wood, comes from wood that has been preserved in peat bogs around the world.  It can be hundreds or thousands of years old, and is darkened from the conditions that have preserved it.

This spindle came with a copy of the certificate of age, stating that it’s Radiocarbon date is 2840 years old, plus or minus fifty years.  It’s 2″ diameter, with a walnut shaft and bronze alloy ring, for a weight of 0.46 ounces.  It will be great for fine fibers, and fit right in with my other three spindles from him!

Russian Bog Oak spindle

spindle, certificate in background


Russian Bog Oak spindle closeup

spindle closeup


underside of spindle

underside of spindle